Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tina Small

Tina Small: All-natural mammoth breasts, or total Brit fakery?
Remember Tina Small appearing in the 70s? She appeared in a few magazines but we'd always assumed it was a bit of fun with latex funbags, a wind up, even an ironic statement on our eternal obsession with boobage ?
I seem to be forever running into this sort of thing.
.. however, we got an email the other day telling us, in all sincerity, that she was completely real: "Regarding her authenticity, IMO there is no doubt she is the real deal. In her autobiography (towards the end) she does admit to having had some work done on them during her modelling career - to make them more orb-like. But her early photos just scream 'natural' to me ... and believe me I've studied a few!" So, folks, never let it be said that we don't give models the chance to set us right when we cry 'FAKE!' - we want to hear from you (or even from Tina ;) ... send us proof that Tina Small is all natural and we'll put up a gallery on her for all eternity ... or else she gets shot down in flames and consigned to the silicone, polypropylene string and latex bin, along with all the other fakers. The gauntlet has been laid down.
UPDATE: November 2010: ... It was claimed that she had virginal breast hypertrophy, but videos show her breasts were likely prosthetic, along with the likes of Caprice Stickles,-

Caprice (Character) from A Dirty Shame (2004).I don't think a fictional character in a movies,counts anymore say the Incredible Hulk or Mister Spock,being treated as a real person.

The actress plays nymphomaniac URSULA UDDERS in the movie and had to be fitted with gigantic prosthetic breasts for the role
.For her role as an absurdly endowed go-go dancer named Ursula Udders in John Waters's campy comedy A Dirty Shame (2004), actress Selma Blair had fake breasts, each one larger than her head, glued to her chest. "The Teamsters on-set thought they were real," she later recalled. "I wasn't recognized there [in Baltimore], so they just assumed that John found a girl who had abnormally large breasts. These old ladies who were visiting the set whispered, 'Oh, that poor girl-she is deformed. Don't say anything. You'll hurt her feelings.' They were so big I could rest my plate on top of them. And I couldn't kiss my husband [Ahmet Zappa] because they stuck out too far."
She says, "They took three hours to apply. I was naked in front of everyone every day. I don't have a modest bone in my body anymore."
I think the three hour to appy the fake breast,sort of puts hole in your theories.

Cindy Fulsom, Maria Biggs, Melonie Tipps, Vicky Little and Zena Fulsom, all who have similarly realistic-looking prosthetics breasts.
What ?Realistic prostetic breast?
Perhaps you need to get your eyes checked up.

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